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Mrs Joseph Adam Jonas


Michelle Jonas
[About Me]

Name: Michelle
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Grade: High school Graduate of 2006
Martial stratus: Taken
From: Long Island, New York & sometimes I wish I lived in Los Angeles,California
Hobbies: Shopping,spending time with my friends,talking on the house phone or cell phone,and watching TV, and oh ya going on the computer.
High School that you go to: Graduated from high school
Biography: Well I was born on May 15 1988 here on Long Island, New York and that I was raised in Merrick, New York. I have a lot of friends in my high school and that sometimes when people get me angry you don't want to know the bad and pissed off side of me.well that's all I am going to say

[other things]

A nice, mostly clean, environment for you to enjoy and share your fandom love.

Disney's Camp Rock @ disney_claims
High School Musical 3 @ disney_claims
Demi Lovato Mitchie Torres (Camp Rock) @ disney_claims
Camp Rock Soundtrack @ disney_claims
Jason is_my_hubby
I am the Danielle Deleasa of iam_lj
I am the_fucking Kevin Lucas(JONAS)] of livejournal! :)



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